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The Still Team
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The Still is a full service boutique agency.

That means we work hard to stay small, focusing on producing the best work possible. That means every project must count, and we work exclusively with people who inspire us. It also means that your direct project contacts are craftsmen, not salesmen. It means that strategy unites our work across interaction design, video, photography, interface, programming, social media, copywriting and print design. It means we can do all these things for you – or even just one.

It means there’s no one quite like us.

We solve business problems for our clients.
We are listeners, strategists and story tellers.

We work exclusively with people whose conviction and projects inspire us. These people care deeply about their crafts. They sweat the details. We understand each other and spend time building real trust. Strong relationships allow us to stay focused and create our best work.


We begin by listening and asking questions. We explore our clients’ history and culture. We become part of it. We talk to the stakeholders. We discuss their values, goals and challenges. We identify what they’re already doing right. We bring a fresh perspective that often provides new business insights.

Together, we find what sets them apart from the rest. This is what makes them successful, and what allows us to tell honest stories that make real human connections.

With this context in hand, we work closely with our clients to translate existing strategy, or create new strategy to help them achieve their goals. This strategy becomes the core of a communication system that reinforces an integrated message: Their voice.

Unifying strategy with execution allows us to create our most effective work. Often, this takes the form of photography, print design, web design, social media, advertising, analytics, space design, event design and film.

Then we measure. We collect data and study feedback. We test these results against our goals and we continue the conversation. We constantly refine and adapt our projects and strategy.

We continue this process over the course of years – lovingly evolving our clients’ brands, earning their trust, building business and achieving their goals.

This is what we do. We love it.

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