Rarely does the design of an interface demand as much as this one. The system needed to be powerful enough for professional users, simple enough for non-technical users, and robust enough to bring them all to the table.
bazinga! Product Feature - The Loop

Imagine if your mailbox, phone and email just had a love child. It’s called The Loop – and it’s the place to send messages, read conversations, and stay in the know. The Loop also keeps perfect records of conversations, events and discussions.

bazinga! Product Feature - Overview

The Overview is a quick snapshot of the essential news and events for a single unit, and the entire building. It serves up the highlights and helps users understand what matters most, without browsing all over bazinga!

bazinga! Photoshoot

The My Home page gives users information, files and historical data for a single condo unit. They can look back at past events, while keeping permanent records of day-to-day activities and future plans.

The bazinga! overview page, showing a dashboard view of the most important information for the user.
The Loop stores all communications for buildings to ensure operational continuity between generations of building councils and property managers.
The building plan and savings page shows a snapshot of the current financial health of the building as well as historical data.
The calendaring system allows for overlapping events, multiple calendars, tasks, filters for buildings, and views for month, week and day.
The polls system coordinates between residents, building council, building staff and property managers to guide the future of their building.
Discussion attachments, part of the messaging system.
Elements like these give a good picture of the scope involved: spaces, request for proposals, contacts and meeting minutes.
bazinga! App

The bazinga! interface spans a robust messaging system, request for proposal workflows, a vendor marketplace, a calendaring system, collaboration and planning functionality, a complex permissions scheme, asset histories for repairs and warrantees, as well as a booking systems for shared amenities.

The Loop.
Calendar System.
The Loop in a larger iPad view.
Our building dashboard.
My home dashboard.
bazinga! Mobile

The mobile app translates the B! experience right to your phone or tablet, allowing users to easily access their account from anywhere.