For an industry whose product is image quality, the surveillance industry focused very little on video production to communicate.

The Still managed our brand across a huge variety of media. From print to film to product: our identity is unified and visually stunning.
Rick Ramsay - Product Manager
Avigilon: Made In Canada

Avigilon's manufacturing process is an anomaly in the industry. High end, local and made in Canada differentiates Avigilon from the competition. This video documents the craft in their process, from design and prototyping to construction and shipping.

Avigilon Product Reel

In an industry full of beige boxes, high end design and quality construction define Avigilon's products. This piece highlights their full product range, giving each an attitude as large as their lead on the competition. An ambient piece intended for trade shows, clips from this piece were used across other film productions.

Avigilon Commercial

Avigilon's cameras deliver image resolution far beyond what the competition offers. This capability truly shines in large, open spaces. We produced this piece to highlight this strength and underscore their value proposition of performance, value and simplicity.