The strategy was to keep the focus on the way that bazinga! solves the pains that each group experiences. The interface is shown in passing on mobile devices, but the bulk of the references to the product itself come in the form of motion graphics played out in the the bazinga! users' environment.
Bazinga! Commercials - Working with bazinga! Building Staff

bazinga! keeps building managers organized by tracking records, providing instant access to documents while centralizing communications and planning.

Bazinga! Product Feature - The Loop

Imagine if your mailbox, phone and email just had a love child. It’s called The Loop – and it’s the place to send messages, read conversations, and stay in the know. The Loop also keeps perfect records of conversations, events and discussions.

Bazinga! Product Feature - Overview

The Overview is a quick snapshot of the essential news and events for a single unit, and the entire building. It serves up the highlights and helps users understand what matters most, without browsing all over bazinga!

Bazinga! Product Feature - My Home

The My Home page gives users information, files and historical data for a single condo unit. They can look back at past events, while keeping permanent records of day-to-day activities and future plans.

Bazinga! Commercials - Living with bazinga!

bazinga! empowers owners by streamlining payments, centralizing communication and pulling records at their fingertips.

Bazinga! Commercials - Working with bazinga! Building Council

Strata councils and condo boards are made of volunteer residents faced with managing the future of multi million dollar buildings. They need all the help they can get. bazinga! puts tools they've never dreamed of at their fingertips.

Bazinga! Commercials - Working with bazinga! Property Managers

Property managers deal with massive complexity and a huge volume of communication. This commercial outlines how bazinga! can help property managers manage this complexity and stay on top of communication across their buildings.

Bazinga! Commercials - Building with bazinga!

Condo developers face a range of challenges beyond selling new buildings. bazinga! helps them manage the process of transitioning new owners into their units, deal with deficiencies and manage records. Most importantly, it sets buildings apart from the competition, defining them as progressive and transparent.