Stella is a developer's tool, created by Solutious, Inc., for monitoring and debugging websites and applications, run by an ornery, whiskered fellow hailing from the 1800's, Morton Blamey. A personable brand was established to help Solutious stand out in a crowded market–unfortunately, Morton is still as ornery as ever.

I can't give enough credit to The Still for creating this honest and cohesive brand from my haphazard reference material. It was a fun, non-linear, and surprising project. If I've ever been excited about and hopeful for the future, it's now.
Delano Mandelbaum, Founder and CEO
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Stella Branding

Solutious wanted a brand family driven by the personalities of their products.

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Stella Website

Stella's interface includes expressive typography, creating clear hierarchy and adding finesse over minimalist, no nonsense charts and graphs.