In the early 1900's, the Canadian Olympic Team was among the first to use the maple leaf as an icon for our nation. We drew from this rich history in re-imagining the Team's identity, working to create a system that put this tradition back in its rightful place in as timeless a fashion as possible.

Our critically acclaimed, award-winning work for Team Canada was unveiled at the 2012 Olympics in London.
Brand New, 2011
Case Study

From the choice of typography — Eric Olson’s Stratum, and Kris Sowersby’s National — to the development of the core system of lock-ups, this work is an exercise of both great restraint and great vision. It would be easy to overlook the painstaking design decisions and attention to detail that is present here, as it feels like these graphic examples have existed for centuries. This is not to say this branding is boring, but rather timeless and appropriately foundational.
Brand New, 2011
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Olympic Committee Rebranding

The identity system that was developed encompasses marks from all the Canadian Olympic branches.