The Club's brand has been applied across a range of packaging, including wine labels, cigar holders and holiday gifts.
Engraved boxes containing holiday gifts.
Cigar holder and detail of VC etching.
Port packaging and label.
Holiday Shortbread wrapped in Club ribbon.
Christmas 2012 Gift Items

Labels, boxes and ribbons for The Club's 2012 Holiday Gift Packaging.

Front detail.
Back detail.
Herder Wine and Vineyards Red Meritage

Herder Vinyards partnered with The Club to produce this exclusive private bottling.

Gold leaf and 2 solid inches of glass celebrate this fine dram.
Gold leaf detail on glass and label.
The thick glass of the bottle and the shape of the inner vessel obscure and accentuate in turn.
Laser etching detail.
2011 Christmas Gift

We produced this hand blown glass bottle to complement the rare liquid it holds: a 1984 Glen Mhor single cask scotch whisky, produced the year before the distillery was demolished.