The Vancouver Club rebrand brief required a fresh take on a dusty image, but our research showed that the value of the brand lay in its heritage and related mystique. Pulling heavily from traditions and history, we elevated the old elements, reframing them as classic and elegant.
The monogram had undergone regular stylistic updates since The Club's inception. The goal was to make this iteration an honest continuation of that tradition; drawing from its roots while looking to its future.
Brand mark with word mark.
The crest was also further refined and updated to an iteration that is more flexible for display applications ranging from screen to embroidery.
The Vancouver Club Rebrand

Reviving a nearly century old tradition, we worked to create a new iteration of the brand mark.

Brand guide cover.
Brand guide table of contents.
Brand guide, print type guide, typefaces.
Brand guide, print type guide, usage.
Beginning from a very high level, the guide describes the meaning of the brand and how it is impacted by the interactions with members and the public.
Research findings put The Club's differentiators, history, brand promise and public perception into context.
Brand Guide

The Club's brand guide is aimed at a range of stakeholders from internal marketing and sales staff to external production partners.

Business card back, featuring hand painted gold edges.
The reverse black and white aesthetic is formal, mysterious and sexy.
Business card front and back.

Our stationery system draws heavily from the early print work of The Club, which used purple ink and gold leaf.